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Election Day

Election Day

Hmmm, what to write about today.  OK, let’s be topical for once.


Election Day

Election Day tomorrow,
But the country’s up in arms,
We don’t know who to vote for,
‘Cause they all greased their own palms.

We feel like we’ve been cheated,
As they swapped their second homes,
And filled them up with pricey crap,
Like designer garden gnomes.

We’ve watched in mounting horror
That the country’s run by fiends,
We don’t HAVE to pay for loo seats,
And for posh moats to be cleaned.

“No I won’t resign,” they say,
“I’ve done nothing untoward.”
Then thirty seconds later
They have fallen on their sword.

But tomorrow if you go to vote
I must make a little plea,
Be careful who you’re punishing
Or we’ll get the BNP!